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Gothic HellSpawn's Journal

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Anyone interested in doing the Hess Taskforce, this Saturday?

Friday, June 29, 2007


Anyone have an SG on CoV, Triumph? I have a couple alts there and have been pondering the trouble of setting up my own.

Friday, March 24, 2006

10:43PM - New Concept Group on Virtue

So oxayotl and i started a new theme-group on Virtue if anyone's interested. I thought i'd give ya'll first crack, before making a more open invitation to the City_of_heroes group.

"Blue Steel's Last Chancers"

basically, it's a reformed-villains SG... a'la the Suicide Squad, or the Thunderbolts.

For whatever reason, our characters were nabbed by the PCPD, and are either in protective custody because we turned stooly on Recluse's bunch, or just because we're honestly trying to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the law and/or Freedom Phalanx.

or of course... whatever you personally come up with. Either way... the only real theme is that for whatever reason, you WERE a badguy, and now you're not. Blue Steel has set up a program for these "Last Chancers" under his careful eye, to work directly with the Paragon City PD, in stopping other badguys. He's sort of our boss.

here's the bio of the character i founded the group with, if that provides any inspiration for ya.

fair warning though, we're still primarily on Triumph, so at the moment at least... this is a group of Alts, and isn't terribly active. Feel free to help change that however ;)

Hit me up in-game if you're interested... i can be found on the LJ global, the Gothic Hellspawn global, or just "@Templar46 2".

(cross posting to gothichellspawn and leagueofjustus

Sunday, November 6, 2005

11:50PM - The Global Infantry Wants YOU!

I came up with a new idea for a group of up to 8 players - the Global Infantry.

see global_infantry for details.

posted here, and in my own journal to give close in-game friends first crack at this. in a few days, if there's still slots open, I'll post to cityofvillains to recruit there.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

4:14AM - I couldn't help myself!!

Okay, I've been playing CoV a bit obsessively (although not continuously) since they raised the curtain, and tonight around 1 a.m. (not sure if it was the first 1 a.m. or the second 1 a.m. after the clocks were set back), I had almost reached level 11 and I realized something. I was wasting opportunities to earn prestige! Just because the Council of Gothic Hellspawn hadn't been created yet, I was squandering these future early moments in the Great Base Building Race.

And so I created it. As discussed in the previous post . . .

Council of Gothic Hellspawn

Infinity Server (everyone's on Infinity, right?)

Current Overlord and Sole Member: I'll Take Your Head (Stalker, Level 11)

Respond here with your Infinity toon names and I'll invite folks as soon as I see them. I figure if we make everyone a leader we can get the whole crew in as quickly and easily as possible, plus maybe add a few likely candidates as they come along. After all, the more members we have wearing the colors, the more goodies we have in our base. Actual hierarchy can be sorted out later.

In other news, Foomf and Adri(ellyn) were on with me and created the anti-League of Justus. They're calling it The You Just Wish You Were Us League, and everyone is encouraged to make their "Looks Just like Me But Is Actually a SuperVillain" toon. The Coalition is already in place.

Damn, I'm really enjoying this game, but staying up until 6 one morning and 4 the next is really a bit much for my creaky old self. Must get to bed at a decent hour tomorrow, or I'll be useless in the office on Monday . . .


New additions to the Council roster, in case you're looking for an invite ...

Raider Zero (Xany, Level 10 robot/dev Mastermind)
Defier (Xany, Level 7 fire/kin Corruptor)
The Duchess (Adriellyn, Level 7 ninja/dark Mastermind)
The Cobrasnake (me, Level 7 ninja/dark Mastermind)
Kaosbrinker (Foomf, Level 5 Stalker)

Xany's Defier toon, Adri and Foomf all have invite power, in addition to I'll Take Your Head, although I don't think that the 'snake and Raider Zero do. Let us know if there are toon names we should be looking for to invite, and we can add them to our friends' lists.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

1:02PM - New Hellspawn SG for Villains

So what are we going to call it?

I was thinking that Dark Gothic Hellspawn might work. It pretty much says what it needs to - still gothic hellspawn, just a bit more sinister.

Did you have any particular plans for this one Mr. DJ?

anyone else have any thoughts?.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

11:32AM - Impending Villainy

Just wondering how many of you are planning on picking up CoV upon its release, and on which servers you plan to play?

I'll have a few available slots on Triumph, but I'm thinking a less-alt-populated server would be better for the villainous side of our alt-crazy SG. thoughts?

If no one has any suggestions, I'd nominate Infinity, as I'm pretty sure my only toon there is a placeholder.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

1:39PM - lame

So it looks like our villaingroup on CoV fell through the cracks of the latest bug, and is no more.

any of the other Hellspawn groups vanish?

I think i'm going to be giving the beta a break for a while, and return to CoH. I've pretty much tested what i wanted to, and have some killer ideas for characters when it goes live... with any luck, i'll see more of you back in the Hero game soonish (man, last couple days i've been lucky to catch more than just ONE other person, in the coalition, online).

i admit, resorting to Pick up groups is gettin' a tad old.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Hey, if you're in the CoV beta, shoot me a tell "@Twisted Thorn" when you get a chance, and i'll add you to the temporary "Gothic Hellspawn" group. (just for beta/bases experimentation... i'll leave the real CoV group to Tragic/DJED to start up once we go live)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

9:59AM - SG/Coalition update -

So last night there was some general SG/Coalition maintenance done.

Gothic Hellspawn is full
Legion of Gothic Hellspawn is full

so I made League of Gothic Hellspawn.
I need to coalition it with the RP group yet, but that is the only one.

anyway, there's my updates. More of an FYI for everyone.

xposting to leagueofjustus and my own LJ.

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Monday, July 4, 2005

4:45AM - Introduction

heya folks.

I think most of you already know of me as my main, Xany of the League of Just-Us, but figured that with the recently-formed coalition between our supergroups, I should introduce myself here. I have a couple of alts in the Legion of Gothic Hellspawn -- Tsooper Hiro (lv5 Katana/Regen Scrapper), Captain Nimbus (lv8 FF/Eng Defender), and Plutonium Pete (lv7 Fire/Rad Controller - RP character).

Also, I'd like to invite those who haven't to join leagueofjustus, to keep abreast of the goings-on over there. Often, if we're going to run through a TF, Trial, or particular mission, it will be posted to the group a day or two in advance. Also, if you haven't already, you're more than welcome to roll up alts for the SG (just follow the guidelines laid out here).

It's been absolutely awesome teaming with you guys, and I look forward to much more of it in the future.

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Friday, July 1, 2005

4:03PM - Role Play outlet?

So... i've had this SG on Triumph for a while that i haven't been playing because my partner in crime (busting) has been away from the game for a bit... but oxayotl is coming back to Paragon in a couple weeks here... and in light of gettin' this group goin' again, i thought i'd offer it up to the Hellspawn if they were interested in a Role Play Heavy Super Group...

we're the "Galactic Guardsmen", a semi-sci-fi pulp silver-age style group (think Green Lantern Corp) who have come to paragon in pursuit of the Rikti, recruiting members of the local hero populous to help stamp out their wide-ranging corruption and influence on the other villain organizations (man, freakn' EVERYBODY wants some of that Rikti tech it seems).

We absolutely wear uniforms (dude, every good pulpy silver-age group should!)... but they're really easy to pull off. It's just black tights, with white gloves and a white belt... plus the group chest-emblem. Thusly... any pattern on said tights for your out-of-SG costume can be used, and then just black on black to disguise it for the uniform.

All ATs are welcome. Bio is a must. run with any theme or character concept you want... since we're recruiting local earthlings just about any sort of background idea will work.

Send me a tell if you're interested, (or reply here and we'll set up sometime when we're both on)... my global handle is "@Templar46 2", and i'm LibertyCrusader in the GothicHellspawn, and Commander-Comet in the Legion.

honestly i'm kinda tired of having to go to Virtue or Pinnacle to get a RP fix... it'd be nice to play with people i know on Triumph more often "in character". And it occurred to me i may not be the only one in the Hellspawn who thought so.

behind the cut is a picture of Capt.Iceburg (my Ice/Ice tank) and Star Breaker (Oxayotl's Grav/FF 'troller) in SG uniforms.

The Alien menace must be purged!Collapse )

Thursday, June 30, 2005

11:22PM - Trial of Transcendence

Friday night around 6. Lvl 16. We can SK or Ex 4 to fit. Who can make it?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

11:04PM - Hellspawn, stand to.

My character, Bumblebuzz, has a 16th lvl Trenscendence Trial. Who wants in?

Monday, March 21, 2005

12:06PM - I'm your Host